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Full Board in the Merrimack Valley Icelandic private boutique barn includes:


  • 12x12 stall with rubber mats, dutch doors, ceiling fan, and overhead light. 

  • Two horses share a stall with a divider for night sleep as needed.

  • Daily cleaning with thick shavings for comfort.

  • 3 meals of highest quality first cut Timothy hay fed each day. Slow feed hay nets used for dinner and lunch.

  • MVP and Vitamin E and Selenium.

  • Daily grooming and hoof picking.

  • Individual or group turn out.

  • Partial grazing. Wooded paddocks for shade and uneven land for natural footing. Not flat sand paddocks.

  • Night time spent inside for fly protection.

  • Heated tack room.

  • Use of our short wooded trail and riding path on property. Round pen available.

  • Access to trails on conservation land across the street (no motorized vehicles).

  • Big indoor and outdoor across the street (additional fee). Springtide Farm Inc.

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